Planning a New Year leaflet delivery campaign?

Leaflet Delivery Campaigns are a popular marketing method for small businesses.  They are simple and affordable and can bring in new customers and boost sales.

What to think about when planning a campaign

In many cases, clients know when a delivery is required to take place.  Unfortunately some only begin thinking about it a few days prior.  Only then does it become apparent that they needed to begin with the design and print weeks before, and all too often, the delivery commences much later than planned. It is often best to work backwards when planning a delivery campaign.

When you are thinking about a leaflet delivery campaign, some important things to consider are:

Design and creation – this can take anything from a few hours to a few weeks.

Print – Allow up to 2 weeks for print and delivery.

Delivery – SLBDistribution will deliver your leaflets in a timescale specified by you.  We may be able to schedule them for delivery as quickly as next week, but sometimes this can be longer.  Leaflets must be with us at least 5 days prior to the delivery commencement.

Once a delivery is underway, think about the next campaign. Organisation and planning are important when marketing your business.

Creating and printing leaflets

A well designed leaflet is the key to a successful delivery campaign.  The content and overall professionalism of your leaflet will be the foundation of your response.

Your leaflet needs to have a clear message. Vouchers or offers work well as an incentive.  They are kept and used.  Your business has its competitors, so one challenge you face is to create a flyer that stands out from the rest.  It needs to capture the attention of the recipient and have a definitive ‘call to action.’  Ultimately, the success of the leaflet will determine the return upon your investment.

When creating your leaflet, you may wish to appoint a Graphic Design expert. Always look for recommendations and ask for references.  A poorly designed leaflet could be to the detriment of your purpose.  Equally, a great leaflet will inevitably achieve results.

Leaflet delivery

The final delivery of your leaflet is a vital part of the whole campaign.  With SLBDistribution, you are safe in the knowledge that leaflets are efficiently delivered to areas you want.  We deliver using logical delivery areas, not postcode areas.   This provides a more targeted approach to the delivery.  Our team and individual agents are fully trained and reliable.  We have recently introduced GPS tracking to our deliveries too, so you are able to log-in to your area of our Tracking Suite to keep abreast of your delivery.

You may wish to deliver large quantities of leaflets to towns and cities outside of your own area. SLBDistribution are able to offer a Royal Mail delivery service through affiliation.  This at a lower cost than using Royal Mail direct.  Simply call us for information.

The advantages of leafleting

If you offer a local service or product, then leaflet distribution is an ideal way to spread the word about your business.

Leafleting is essentially about telling everyone in your area about your product or service. What’s more, with SLBDistribution, you are able to select smaller delivery areas.  This ensures you are reaching the required demographic appropriate to your business and message. Leaflets are a great way to acquire new customers, increase sales, promote a special event or even provide potential customers with a voucher or offer.


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