Welcome to our Brand New Website

SLB’s new website

Fantastic news, our brand new website has now launched. Complete with a host of additional features, plus a lot more information relating to leaflet distribution. We have also added a section making it simple to work out the cost of a campaign. We’ve added a visual display of each area that we deliver to, including the surrounding villages for each of these areas.

In addition, our satisfied client snippet and testimonials section, will make our new website far more user friendly than it’s predecessor. Shortly we will be adding a Team section to properly introduce ourselves.

Don’t forget to check out the ‘Rogues Gallery’. it’s meant to be a bit of fun, but even so, it’s hard to believe that some of these companies are still in business, or that the agents concerned are still in a job.

If you are one of our existing clients, your old favourite, the Tracking Suite remains unchanged.  Your new Log-In can be found at the top of the home page right within the main menu. Clicking this link will take you straight to the section on the website where the new button (NAV arrow) resides. From there on in everything should be familiar to you.
Here is a direct link should you need it, Log-In

Additional News

You may have noticed that there are now 3 areas in total that we deliver to. Dunstable & Houghton Regis has been added along with Woburn. In total that is an extra 26,000 homes we could be targeting for you. We are currently in the process of adding Aylesbury to our agenda too, that’s another 58,000+ homes!

Finally, we hope you enjoy using the our new website and all of it’s features. We look forward to speaking to you very soon and to getting your next campaign under way.


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