Something About Us

With a professional, logical, and structured approach we tailor every single leaflet campaign to only the areas that are of most importance to you, we will schedule the campaign to a length of time that is best for you, generally this is over 1, 4 or 8 weeks and will report on the campaigns progress daily via our simple and unique Tracking Suite where you can also find each rounds GPS Tracking data.


Leaflets, Why We Decided To Deliver Them

After several attempts to use leaflets as a marketing source for our design business failed to produce the expected results, we decided to complete one further campaign, only this time we decided to complete it ourselves. Astonishingly, the results were even better than we could have ever hoped for……
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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Of Our Leaflet Delivery Service

GPS Tracking is used for *all of our delivery rounds in LU5, LU6 and LU7. Location data is sent to our server every 3 seconds which means that the agents trace can even be seen walking up and down driveways. Couple this with Google Streetview™ and all doubt that the campaign has been completed to your satisfaction will be eliminated……
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Future Map

The Future is Bright, The Future is SLBDistribution

The last 4 years have seen a lot of changes for us, and as we move forward into the future we are prepared for a whole lot more, the world we live in doesn’t stand still and we don’t intend to either, we have real ambitions to grow the business with the same ethos as we have in the past, by adapting to our changing……
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A Sample of Our Happy Clients
An Average Day In The Life Of One Of Our Delivery Agents

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Our Tariff

With our ethos we believe in complete transparency. Therefore we are more than happy to publish our tariff so that you can easily make an informed decision when considering us.

< 1,000 Leaflets

* £55.00
Very small areas
  • Single payment
  • Villages @ £60 each

< 5,000 Leaflets

* £40.00
Ideal for specific areas
  • *per 1000 leaflets,
  • Full Tracking Suite access
  • *Villages charged at £50.00/'000

< 15,000 Leaflets

* £38.00
Medium campaign covering wider areas
  • *per 1000 leaflets
  • Full Tracking Suite access
  • Leaflet collection service
  • *Villages charged at £48.00/'000

> 15,000 Leaflets

* £36.00
Larger campaigns or multiple areas
  • *per 1000 leaflets
  • Full Tracking Suite access
  • Leaflet collection service
  • Have your print delivered to us
  • Any mix of villages or areas
  • *Villages charged at £46.00/'000