Was originally founded in August 2013 by Ian Pither and Lorraine Stevens.
After several attempts to use leaflets as a marketing source for our design business failed to produce the expected results, we decided to complete one further campaign, only this time we decided to complete it ourselves. Astonishingly, the results were even better than we could have ever hoped for.

For our next campaign we were approached by a local Estate Agent and a takeaway. Now, after 2 years we have over 100 satisfied clients. 4 rounds running concurrently in Leighton Buzzard. 1 in Dunstable / Houghton Regis and 1 in Woburn. In total we deliver to more than 28,000 homes each week in Bedfordshire and we proudly employ more than 9 staff.

How Did We Start Delivering Leaflets?

We didn’t begin the business by buying an established national franchise, that would involve following someone else’s business model. Frankly that was how we experienced such poor results in the first place. Instead, we built the business from the ground up, piece by piece and brick by brick. Every single one of our processes, the delivery areas, the schedules, the admin panel and the website have been designed and built by ourselves to work exactly the way we want them to.

We didn’t find our success overnight. It has taken years to develop our processes this far, tweaking and changing them to ‘constantly improve’ Kaisen. We will continue to adapt as the circumstances around us demand us to change.

Our success so far has helped to prove that our system works, and that leaflets work too.

If you would like to be a part of our growing team of happy agents? Or, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, please contact us by clicking here.