GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is used for *all of our delivery rounds in LU5, LU6 and LU7. Accurate location data is sent to our server every 3 seconds, meaning the agents trace can be seen walking up and down driveways. Couple this with Google Streetview™ and all doubt that the campaign has been completed to your satisfaction will be eliminated.
*We endeavour to have complete records for every route delivered, however GPS tracking works by using mobile data, therefore we are limited to the data providers coverage areas which may not be available in certain areas, or at certain times.

The Tracking Suite

Tracking SuiteEvery client has unlimited access to our comprehensive tracking suite. As soon as your campaign and timescale has been agreed everything is uploaded to your own area of our website.
As soon as each area is completed it will be date stamped. The name of the delivery agent responsible is added, and the link to the GPS tracking.

the GPS Image

GPS Tracking

All you need to do once the route has been updated on our website is simply click on the link to open the GPS Image.

Now you can easily see that the job has been completed successfully and that nothing has been missed.

The GPS image will open in a new window for ease.


Leaflet Collation

Don’t forget, we collate all of the leaflets for the agents prior to the delivery. You no longer need to worry if in the past you’ve had doubt that your leaflets have actually been delivered.
With SLBDistribution’s unique collation service we supply the correct quantity of leaflets to the agent already made up into batches of 100,  So if 3 leaflets are required per letterbox the agent simply needs to take the top 3 each time, meaning that it isn’t possible to fail to deliver any.

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